Fazenda Holandesa

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The farm is for sale for 1.500.000 reais or 475.000 usd, excluding the cattle but including the inventory. It is also possible to buy the company that holds the farm (and nothing else) as this will give a foreigner easy access to an investment visa for Brazil*. The price for the farm including the company would be 1.700.000 reais or 540.000 usd. The cattle and horses belonging to the farm can be purchased buy the future owner at market prices minus 20%.


*Investment visa for Brazil: for someone who wants to live in brazil, the fazenda holandesa offers a great opportunity as it is a property of a Brazilian company that allows the owner to get a resident visa. Although Brazil is known for its red tape bureaucracy, a relatively light procedure will give a foreigner the option to acquire permanent residence status. We will help you with local procedures like getting a Brazilian CPF number (fiscal number), help you with your visa application, should this be required. Of course the company is already established, has an accountant, regulated with Brazilian authorities (including all documents in registering the agricultural land), has a bank account. We can provide excellent English speaking lawyers.


 For details please contact me at robdelaet@yahoo.com.



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