Fazenda Holandesa

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I fell in love with this valley because of its remoteness and its closeness to nature. The impressive forests, the enormous variety of birds, the rivulet with its beautiful wild flowers bordering it.


A lot of local wildlife was lost to poaching as locals eat almost any animal. Several measures has seen the increase or return of more species of frogs and toads, the first armadillos have been seen as well as other small mammals. Around the house plants are grown that attract humming birds and it is a pleasure to see them every day buzzing about their business.


One turtle has been spotted and released. All in all, the valley is attracting more and more of its natural inhabitants and this is a source of great happiness. Come and see the impact it has on you being surrounded by nature with no other sounds than that of the chirping birds and moowing cows (and the mule, who can be quite vocal when he feels lonely!)

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